I once lived and aspire to live here

Tan Ajahn with RootsI once lived in a place that gave us space
to come to real terms with Buddha-Dhamma,
and the freedom to digest it ourselves,
and in our own ways,
to think deeply and freely,
to hang out with trees, rocks, birds, snakes, ants, water, & weather,
to live simply and quietly,
to discover and exercise talents,
to pursue ones duty wholeheartedly, without being told what to do,
to be oneself without clinging,
to cooperate happily with others,
to have fun Dhammically,
to work for and serve the common good.

I once lived with a teacher who
was happy and smart and creative,
challenged us to think for ourselves
and take full responsibility for own lives,
didn’t tell me what to do,
didn’t make rules for us to follow,
set an excellent example of what he taught,
and taught the pristine core of Buddhayana,
was available to talk about life, practice, ethics, Dhamma principles, & whatever seemed important,
became the best friend I’ve ever had,
I continue to love deeply.

Dawn Kiam ChediI once studied, played, meditated, contemplated, talked, & learned
in such a place under such a teacher.
I still carry them in my heart and body.

The place was Suan Mokkh, the Garden of Liberation, under Ajahn Buddhdasa’s direction.
The teacher was Ajahn Buddhadasa.
Things change and Liberation Park is an attempt to transpose these blessings into the soil of the USA, Upper Midwest, Driftless Wisconsin.


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