Images of the first snow of season (2011-12 winter)

Although the recent snow is almost melted away, it made an impact, especially when sliding off of roofs = THUD!!

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7 Responses to Images of the first snow of season (2011-12 winter)

  1. Ruth Larson says:

    Beautiful photos! Wish I could visit, maybe soon?

  2. hidetada says:

    Wow, is all I can say. I’m there vicariously. Thank you for posting these pictures. Hope you are feeling better day by day. Hide

  3. Mike Larson says:

    Porch protected? The sawed-off posts (by camera I assume) are interesting.

    THUD is a good sound if the snow slides due to outside warming. Inside warming is another matter – I hope that roof is well insulated.

    It all looks marvelous!

  4. Aew says:


  5. Fa says:

    Beautiful !!!!!!

  6. Rosana says:

    How lovely… thanks a lot! Metta.

  7. Bil says:

    Gorgeous, no snow here in the lower US yet…

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