Inauguration day

We spent most of I-day in the car, and heard parts of the I-speech over & over on WiPR. It’s so wonderful to be inspired by our “leader” after years of the opposite, to have a president I can respect, and to have hope! Near where I taught last night (in Onalaska, WI), just off of I-90, is a giant American flag. Seeing it at dusk yesterday, my feelings were different than they’ve usually been in recent years. Tho the work is far from finished, electing an African-American & having women in high office is change that can be built on. I am feeling patriotic for the first time since the Vietnam war era. These are developments about which I can love & respect my country. More accurately, the patriotism that’s always lurked deep within is now less cynical (tho realistic), and more willing to express itself.

Let’s seize the opportunity to help heal country, planet, humanity, and our own bruised psyches.

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