Infections update

If any of the medical ups and downs are confusing, then you are in my company. There are times I lose track of the medical jargon and others when I lock into my own interpretation. Jo tried to set me straight when she can. Sometimes, there are just ambiguities about what’s going on and none of the docs or nurses knows for sure.

For example, I’ve thought I had two different infections. It might be better to say that there’s one on-going infectious process that expresses variously in the urinary track, blood system (sepsis), cellulitis, and an abscess or fistula near the stoma. Currently, the last one is the main concern as it is draining pus. Again, kudos to Jo for her common-sense hands-on experience and knowledge. She put two and together before anyone.

This infection is now restrained to a fairly small area. It might take another couple weeks to completely clear.

As a consequence, the 2nd cycle of chemotherapy has been delayed. However, a discussion continues as to whether chemo can begin as the antibiotics continue. The 2nd cycle might begin any day now.

Other than the infection, everything else is fine. I feel good and have energy. Ready for the 2nd cycle any time; the sooner the better.

May all your wholesome and noble wishes come to fruition.

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