Ready for Chemo again

After further deliberations about the infections, both ID (infectious disease) and CR (colo-rectal) docs see no reason to delay chemo any further. Consequently, Dr Thompson, our primary, recommends starting tomorrow and we concur. The infections need to be closely monitored but are par for the course w/ the Hyper-CVAD protocol I’m getting and delaying chemo has its own drawbacks. Besides the lingering infection, all other signs are good.

Mayo Clinic

This 2nd cycle and subsequent even numbered cycles will only be 3-4 days of in-patient, tho still intense. (Odd numbered cycles will be the same as 1st cycle.) So I’ll be back at Generosity House on Monday or Tuesday. The critical neutropenic phase could begin around the 31st and last 5-7 days. Sister Leslie will drive down from the UP to look after me for that week.And Jo Marie will be checking in regularly.

Meanwhile, the ebb & flow of change & uncertainty is ever present. Body and mind and their interactions are never static, except in our pretensions. We can accept this ebb & flow or fight against it. And we can have some understanding of causes & conditions in order to work with it more skilfully. Every change is the path.

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