latest cabin progress

a lot more organized after Jo's efforts

We got a lot done on the cabin last fall before my travels to Brazil & Siam began. However, I left rather a mess behind, assuming I’d straighten things out after returning in December and then spend the winter finishing the interior. Causes and conditions, though, shifted my attention and energy elsewhere.

Jo Marie has stepped in and taken over management of the cabin work. While I can provide some help when visiting home and from Rochester, she is doing the running around, organizing, and purchasing. And financial generosity has been enough to make the work possible.

wiring through the walls

Jo had to organize the situation I’d left behind so that the electrician’s could start wiring the interior. As she’s much better at organizing than me, which anyone who’s seen the place when I’m working can tell from the picture at right.

Now, other help can do their work more easily.While I was home this past weekend, Jo & I figured out how to go about finishing the walls. We also has some input from our building inspector.

Fortunately, we have two Amish friends who worked with me off and on the past two years; Jo arranged for them to come today and for a 2-3 days each of the upcoming weeks. As they’re familiar with us and the cabin, they pretty much know where tools and materials are and how we want things done. And Jo is purchasing wood, nails, and other materials.

late winter view from above the root center

Today, our friends will install the stove. In Rochester a couple weeks ago, Jo found a fireproof pad to set it on — looks good, easy to install, and clearance price. Now there will be heat in the cabin for more pleasant working conditions.

Then, they’ll do some touch up work on the wall framing that our building inspector requested.

Next, they can begin insulating the walls, covering them with vapor barrier, and installing the car-siding (pine paneling).

Consequently, our hopes of moving in by early summer, or sooner, are looking pretty good.

the girls inside for the night

Being closer to the land and the animals is something we look forward to. The beauty, the weather, intimacy with nature, quiet, and participation in life cycles are among the joys we anticipate (without too much clinging 😉


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