Latest Mayo update is Good

Jo & I were at Mayo Tuesday to see our main doctors. I had blood tests & CT-scan done locally last week.The results are gratifying. This is our one year anniversary check-in after ending chemotherapy, so the good results are a milestone of recovery so far.

No signs of lymphoma relapse. Last week’s CT-scan was clean. Blood numbers are looking pretty good, many are now in or close to normal range, with some solidly normal. Bone marrow is doing pretty well it seems. Due to some new studies of aggressive lymphomas that show little benefit in continuing CT-scans after 12 mos (from diagnosis = Dec 2010 for me) and overall good health, we’ve decided to stop doing the scans. Our oncologist-hematoligist agrees I’ve had enough radiation. We will continue to do quarterly blood work and check-in with her at that time, which will continue for a few more years at least. The main thing now is to keep a close eye on symptoms of a possible relapse, as this is the way most relapses are found in highly aggressive lymphomas. Jo & I are happy with this development.

Over all, we’re in good shape. Iron storage is still too high, so continuing therapy for that. Will keep an eye on things, of course. And endeavor to live sanely 😉

I’m also focusing on better aerobic exercise, such as taking Junebug for jogs around the property when it isn’t too hot. This is beneficial for many aspects of health in addition to cancer prevention & recovery, among them delaying onset of Alzheimer’s.

Coffee intake needs to stay low. Fortunately, a Dhamma friend has supplied us with plenty of green tea. And the garden is giving us some healthy, local veggies. (Regrettably, for me, the wild veggies we have in abundance, such as nettles and lambs quarters, are high in iron.)

The heat has dropped somewhat (most days at least) and we’ve gotten some rain, taking some edge off the drought and bringing some green into the fields. Horses are happy. Unfortunately, these rains probably won’t be enough for corn growers.

Visitors continue to grace us.

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