Living the lessons

Friends still inquire after my health. Here is a quick summary.

Though a bit too soon to declare me “cured,” there are no signs of active cancer. I am fit, healthy, and strong enough to do serious physical labor. My teaching & travel schedule is active. Not bad at all for my age.

We still see our wonderful hematologist-oncologist regularly: every 4 months in 2013 and every 6 months in 2014. The visits are less frequent because they are less necessary. They are primarily about monitoring a good recovery from a very dangerous illness and its treatment.

We stopped the scans last year. There is no evidence that scans are of much use for this form of lymphoma at this stage (almost 3 years from diagnosis), so this body is spared further radiation and this expense is lifted from those in our insurance pool.

Blood counts are pretty good overall. While they still reveal that the bone marrow took a nasty hit, most are in the “normal” range. We understand those outside “normal” to be my body’s “current normal.” After all, we didn’t have baseline numbers from before the cancer, so there’s no way of knowing exactly where my “old normal” was. Liver and kidney numbers, of some worry last year, continue to look fine.

The main challenge now is to live out the lessons learned from the experience of cancer, treatment, and recovery. These are primarily about self-care:

  • diet: plenty of veggies and being careful with carbs
  • exercise: life at LP generally provides plenty
  • meditation: regular & settled
  • caffeine: restraint
  • not over-doing: restraining unbalanced work habits

The last one is the biggest challenge, especially with a building project constrained by approaching winter.

With Jo Marie’s support & advice I remain mindful of these needs.

Thanks to you all for your continued friendship and support.

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