Merry Christmas

Hi, I’m Junebug.



On behalf of everyone at Liberation Park — especially my Auntie Tara & little brother Jera — we wish you happy holiday greetings & many Dhamma blessings in the coming year.

Today, we walked to the back pasture to check on the tipi. Tho a bit of rain & snow got inside, it’s in good shape. On the way back, I found lots of apples to scarf up, but Santikaro kept dragging me away. I thought I deserved to gorge myself like he used to do on pumpkin pie when he was a kid like me.

Yesterday, we cleared the snow of the cabin tent. With the rain we’ve been getting, the tent fly was sagging quite a bit. But with my guidance & Santi’s elbow grease, we got it cleared off.

So things are shipshape here at the farm. We hope that your lives are also going well & that you have plenty of grass to eat, plus some juicy apples.

“The Dhamma itself protects those who practice Dhamma.”

Apples & Ice

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