Muddling through one last bout of Neutropenia

The Duckster

Today is the 7th day of muddling through this final bout of neutropenia (NP). None of the blood counts are going up yet. Waiting for the platelets and WBCs (white blood cells) to starting going up because neutrophils will follow. Don’t know when this will happen: any day now? in another week? longer? So just muddling though 😉

Coping with mucositis, too. It isn’t all that bad except for some mouth sores. The worst is on the side of my tongue where it rubs against a tooth with a gold cap. Last night, I indulged in a lot of talking with Duck, the night’s babysitter.Too much talking (listening wasn’t the issue) led, I think, to muddling through a night with lots of tongue pain. There’s a metaphor in there, not to mention a lesson.

Many thanks to my babysitters this week: Duck, Vanee, and Donna. Jo Marie will be back for the weekend and beyond, to muddle through beside me.

And thanks to you all for caring.

the park up the street on a rainy day walk

Btw, one of the Buddha’s main teaching on how to live together boils down to caring and sharing. If we care and share enough, our families, communities, businesses, and societies will do quite well. If there isn’t enough caring and sharing, well, we end up with the sort of situation mucking up the USA.

So let’s all practice a bit more caring and sharing. It’s kind of fun 😉

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