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Houyuh doin?

Houyuh doin?

The webmaster has been reorganizing the audio pages on Liberation Park’s site. Please go here for a new index page and some recently uploaded files.

The new index page is a running log of newly posted audio, listed in reverse chronological order. The webmaster is slowly tidying up the thematic and topic pages also, for example, Healing Virtues of the Heart.


Tomorrow, Santikaro will speak at Northern Illinois University’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies. He will outline a long deliberated and delayed responses to Peter Jackson book  Buddhadasa: Theravada Buddhism and Modernist Reform in Thailand.

Jackson has a number of interesting theses and provides a useful survey of the social and political context in which Tan Ajahn lived and to which he responded in various ways. Unfortunately, in service of the author’s main arguments he misses the point of Ajahn Buddhadasa’s life and teaching. This may reflect the academic context out of which this converted PhD thesis arose as the author appears to be sincere and sympathetic. Yet, the book is cited by other scholars and its distortions are thus perpetuated.

Santikaro hopes to offer alternative perspectives on his beloved teacher’s life and work. This talk will be posted on our website, as will further talks in what should be a fairly detailed series.

Please stay tuned.


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