New Leadership (Covid-19.4)

Wise words from Amita Schmidt, a dear friend:

You might wonder after a pandemic, “Who is going to lead?” A president? The millennials?  Wise elders? Philanthropists? Corporations? Criminals?

Instead of “who,” wonder “what?” What in me is going to lead? Fear? Worry? Selfing? Pushing? Controlling? Thoughts? Emotions?

This is a time for new leadership.  Lead with your inner stability.  Lead with your quiet, empty, aware nature. Lead with stillness, wisdom, and connectivity.  Lead with the absence of “you.”

The Buddha insisted, “I have stopped, why don’t you?”

And Psalm 46:10 invites, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Stop. Listen. Experiment with social distancing from the streaming device between your ears. Wash your hands of the insatiable push to do more.

Simply stop, be still, and effortlessly rest in the core of your inner being. Each day, surrender to your inner being, and listen. It will tell you everything you need to know.

Follow the quiet, away from fear. Follow the simplicity, away from complexity. Your mind will lead you into a maze of illusion. Remember your unborn nature. When you come out of quarantine, leave the matrix of “I” behind. Then, only awareness remains. Awareness is always leading, not you.

Expect no one to lead. Let your steadfast inner stillness lead.

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