New touches

Liberation Park is undergoing a name change to Kevala Retreat, reflected in the banner above. Stay tuned for further explanations and eventually a new website.

Please note the additions to the Menu Bar:

  • Local Events are sessions with local groups, in Milwaukee, and around the state
  • Chicago has all events in that area, including retreats
  • Retreats includes anywhere in North America

These replace the old Calendars on the website and this blog.

I am currently updating the Audio Index on the website to list recordings of talks and guided meditations that have been posted on this blog.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Solar Array fund. We only need $500 more. Installation will take place as soon as the ground thaws.

Lastly, our Hermitages and Guest Rooms have spaces available for most of the Spring and into Summer. Please create contemplative space in your busy or hectic life and, if possible, make a personal retreat at Kevala (Liberation Park) soon.


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