On Line Retreat May 16-22 (Covid-19.5)

“Safer at Home” in Covid-19 times is an opportunity for meditative retreat. “Distancing” becomes space for inner work and “isolation” becomes spiritual solitude, as encouraged in the Buddha’s teachings. Santikaro’s scheduled retreats in March, May, and June have been adapted to Home & Online Retreats via Zoom. Upcoming on-line retreats can be found here.

May 16-22 is a 7 day retreat with the theme of “Exploring the Diversity of Meditation,” originally planned for Cloud Mountain. If you are staying home these days, and you would like to practice within sangha and with guidance, please consider joining us. Details can be found here.

Zoom, like most big online tech companies, has drawbacks. When using Zoom, Facebook, Amazon, and the like, please practice good internet hygiene, as in the second half of this article.

May you and all your loved ones be safe and well, with kindness and wisdom.

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