One year later

The temperatures here have remained below freezing and tonight may reach zero, a marker of seasonal change.

Today marks another cycle. One year ago today, a CT scan in Thailand revealed a large tumor in my pelvis. That launched a quick return home and six months of intensive cancer treatment at the Mayo Clinic, followed by the slow process of recovery. This is an anniversary we are happy to celebrate — albeit quietly — as matters could have turned out differently. As it is, I continue to gain strength, even though recovery will likely last another year.

Many lessons with ups & downs & uncertainties. Many blessings from family & friends & Dhamma. While life often plays rough, the adventure continues.

Not everyone gets to join the Cancer Club, but I’m sure you’ll have your special curve balls to swing with. May all of you be well, at peace, and free. Celebrate your healing milestones whenever you can.

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