Our World: Joys & Sorrows

While we continue our adventures at LP with many joys and difficulties, the world around us goes on.

Dear friend Kobai Scott Whitney, an original Buddhism teacher in Olympia, WA area, had a heart attack a few weeks back, then six-way by-pass surgery. He has been recovery well and needs lots of time to recover fully.

Ginny Morgan, a bright ray of Dhamma in the Show Me State, passed away from breast cancer this week. Santi knew her well in the 90s and she is beloved by the many she has taught, nurtured, and provoked in and around Columbia, MO.

Bob Jones, who Santi got to know in Rochester, MN, as a fellow cancer-farer and Mayo patient, just passed away as well. Bob had a quiet, sweet intensity; deeply caring presence; and ready smile despite poor health and significant pain. He did remarkable work in Southeast Asia and with Southeast Asian immigrants in Rochester, Minnesota, and nationally. He is beloved by many, having deeply impressed and inspired with his hard work and good heartedness. 

May we honor them with good practice that keeps alive the values and Dhamma they displayed and inspired. May our own living virtues and compassion be memorials to them and all our Dhamma ancestors.

May all beings fare on with virtue and wisdom.


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