Outside trims & touches

Battens & window trim on the east side

Fall weather makes for pleasant working conditions, so long as the winds aren’t too strong (especially for someone perched high up on a ladder) or the rain too cold.

Most of the front is trimmed up

We’ve been working around from east to front to west with the window trim and battens.

Roger is back

Getting ready to stain the outside wood work. Hoping for dry weather next week, nights that aren’t too cool, and lots of help!!

The return of Roger is a big help. This is the third year that he’s spent a month in the area and helped us out.

We think it looks kind of pretty

Yesterday, he rehabilitated a door that wasn’t put together quite right by the manufacturer. From him, I learned a lot about how doors are made and how materials move.

And we chat about Dhamma, society, and life as we move about the work.

Lastly, it isn’t too early to mention that next year will be a planning year as far as construction goes. A lot is happening this year (see recent blogs) and we’ll continue finishing the cabin interior over the winter and spring 2011. But we don’t want to start another big project.

However, we’ll be brainstorming & researching the kitchen-dining-utility building that we anticipate as the next big project. It will have enough space for community cooking & dining, plus showers, laundry, & other crucial utilities. We will take all of 2011 to plan, organize, & save up funds. As the purpose of this building will for community, your input and help in the process will be welcome.

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