Pleasant abiding at Liberation Park

The weather this last day of May has been delightful. As we puttered about the garden, dark clouds loomed & breezed by, perhaps the vanguard of the T-storms forecast for tonight. But not yet, for a rainbow was glorious in the northeast and the late day sun turned the hillsides vibrant green and golden. And then the first rain drops fell.

Earlier, we oiled the new tipi poles and some of the old ones. So waiting for a good day to set ‘er up one more time. Carlo helped me haul manure from the pile by the barn to the garden, so we’ll be enriching the soil there & mulching the veggies.

The maters & other things that Jo Marie started in the bathroom are now in the ground looking spunky. Spinach, peas, taters, and other seeded veggies are coming up. Will be adding cucs, squash, & melons this week. With help from our spring residents — Adrianne, Joe, & Carlo — the garden is likely to be more fruitful than its first year, thanks to Jo’s planning, organizing, & starting.

While the garden veggies are just starting, the wild ones have already been nourishing us: ramps, winter cress, nettles, lambs quarters, thistle spines, and various mints. We’ve even found morels. Nature takes care of us if we only live in harmony with Nature/Dhamma.

Tan Ajahn’s Age Remembrance Day was 4 days ago, the 27th. May our work here be a worthy part of his legacy and inspire the Dhamma that surrounds us and dwells in all our hearts.

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