Post-scan news (part 2)

Dallas: one of the barn buddies

For the sake of due diligence regarding last week’s disappointing blood values (17th), a bone marrow biopsy was done last Wednesday (19th). It went smoothly and painlessly, tho the site ached for a few days after. We received preliminary results Friday and the rest yesterday (25th).

The nasty possibilities were all ruled out: leukemia, lymphoma in marrow, and myelodisplastic syndrome. Yey! No need to repeat intensive chemo so soon. However, the bone marrow looks weak and suppressed, which accounts for the low counts of white blood cells and neutrophils. As the worst possible causes have been discounted, we are left with assuming that this current neutropenia is due to the effects of chemotherapy and the infectious assault of the shingles. I am accepting this as part of the ups & downs of long-haul recovery from intensive chemotherapy. We need to keep monitoring blood and other signs but don’t have to worry about the real nasty stuff, at least for a while.

Monday (24th), I went in for a follow-up blood count. All the important numbers were improved, some quite nicely. I’m still neutropenic but not as much as a week ago. Will continue to monitor weekly.

Pretty much unrelated, my sinuses have been dripping, an old story. Will make sure this doesn’t get any worse. Wouldn’t want another infection just now. Still able to do some barn chores and work on the cabin.

Hope I’m not boring you with the saga, but this is part of the on-going process. Don’t know when, if ever, it will end.

Still grateful.

Happy salutations to all!

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