Poultry palace

Framed up

We’re in the process of finishing up the home of our little flock.

Once we had the coop framed, Jo’s dad arrived to help put on the roof. Sun was very hot that week. (Unfortunately, can’t find images of that.)

Putting on siding

Then Santi put in the doors and windows. Now Jo is finishing up with siding and other last touches.

Junebug considers the aesthetics of this little barn

The horses come by occasionally to offer advice.

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2 Responses to Poultry palace

  1. lorax says:

    It is great to see its almost finished.
    Still work to do on ours but we got our chicks today!
    They are so cute.

    Be well ,

  2. santi says:

    Jo got the siding up last week and the flock has been spending its nights there since. They seem to be acclimating to the area near the barn but don’t make much use of the creek. And every evening the troop up to the shed, where they used to spend nights.
    These birds are still cute, and a gas. The horses seem to enjoy watching them, too.

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