Quick Update

Santi’s still fevering but is probably out of immediate danger and he feels more comfortable.  It is thought that a surgical repair is needed before continuing with chemo, though the extent of repair needed is not clear. The timing is also uncertain as he needs to recover some blood counts and strength before surgery.  The surgery just prior to chemotherapy has never had a chance to heal and is the source of his ongoing infections with each round of neutropenia. The bugs are becoming more difficult to treat. The upshot is that a delay in further chemotherapy is likely. We are disappointed because the cancer was responding so beautifully to treatment and we are only half way through. On the other hand, because the response was so good he may be able to tolerate a delay and still continue therapy successfully. He’s still not been up to being in communication much via email, phone or visits, but thank you for continuing to keep him in your hearts.


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