Rainy spell

The last couple days have been overcast with some T-storms. One of the joys of returning to the Midwest has been the clouds (“Midwestern mountains”) and the Thunderstorms. In addition to the water and power, they give me a chance to catch up on website and other office duties.

But I’ll be out working on the south fence. Jera has jumped it twice and that can’t become a habit. And old wires keep coming off, which creates real dangers. So Jo is making plans for a new fence, which we will share w/ the neighbors, and I’ll tidy things up a bit as prep. That means mucking about in the sedge meadow where lots of new flowers are blooming.

And some digging in the garden each day. Hauled old hay up from the barn and spread it over the grass where some new beds will be dug. Bought a bunch of seeds as Farm & Fleet. Hope to plant a little bit each day. Fresh veggies for people on work days, visits, and retreats.

Despite forecasts, no T-storms today. Maybe tomorrow.

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