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rocky_0842Spring is always a busy time here, first of all with nature systems erupting in green, blossoming, and births. Came early this year and so we are further behind than usual. Practicing equanimity with that and our limited capacities. Preparing for Guesthouse construction, too.

Doug_0836Fortunately, friends give us helping hands. Bill (Oak Park) began dismantling the old tipi platform last month. Some of the boards were rotting, so it was becoming dangerous to critters and people. Fortunately, much of the wood is salvageable (e.g. for hermitage firewood storage and compost bins). Doug (Wauwatosa), with some help from me, finished the job, which involved removing old nails and screws.

flagstones_0834A week ago, Suzanne (Berwyn) improved the approach to the hermitage with flagstones and screenings. This makes the approach less likely to be muddy and slippery in wet or icy weather.

This weekend, Cindy (also Wauwatosa) applied sealer to the hermitage loft and ladder so that the surfaces will better tolerate traffic. Now it’s even more commodious than before.

Doug-Cindy_0837Weather note: This Memorial Day weekend was intended as a “work weekend” with friends from Tender Shoot of Joy. The weather forecasts were discouraging and even Saturday morning looked like we wouldn’t get any work done, as our list has mainly outdoor projects. Yet, the day was largely dry from 10 am through evening except for a light rain just before noon and a heavy but quick downpour around 6 pm. We ended up getting a good amount done after all. With time for scything around garden after the downpour.

… coming soon: Visit from Arborist …

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