Rochester Methodist Hospital


After a day and two nights at home, we drove back to La Crosse Monday morning, collected paper work, records, DVDs, and everything else they had on me, then headed off to Rochester (another 60 miles) before the looming storm hit. Snow started falling half way there, but the wind was OK and the snowfall moderate. We got to Rochester and found a hotel just as the snow began to fall more heavily. Back at LP, 6 inches eventually fell.

We met our hematologist at 8:30 am and got the latest info. Did some more tests, the only extraordinary one being a PET-scan. Then met the hematologist again for it more updates and the PET-scan results.

This lymphoma is definitely at the aggressive end of the non-hodgkins spectrum. The question is whether it’s the most aggressive (Burkitt’s), No 2, or No 3. There’s a good chance it’s No 1, which means the tumor is growing fast (not so good) but it is also the most curable. More work will be done tomorrow and the pathologists may be able to determine among the 3 possibilities (among 40 non-hodgkins lymphomas).

Our doc had me admitted into Rochester Methodist Hospital, where I am resting comfortably. The room is big enough for Jo to say over some nights and the menu is appealing. So I’ve been eating finally. And felling better, despite the selfish behavior of a bunch of lymphocytes.

It remains to get them behaving better.

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