Sane living … year round (covid-19.1)

Avoiding Covid-19 and flattening the curve are on our minds. As many of us will catch it, surviving it is also on the table. Those of us who will experience cold or perhaps flu-like symptoms have healthy choices to make. How do we get through that without taxing the underfunded, strained healthcare system and adding to the emotional chaos? Here are common sense general behaviors that will benefit now and overall (modified from an email forwarded by wise friend):

How to be a bad host to illness:

1. Drop Fear because it suppresses your immune system.

2. Three S-words: get Sleep, stay away from Sugar, and Stress.

3. Get some Sunlight; it energizes your T-cells.

4. Exercise. Walk a lot. (also helps with anxiety)

5. Get a Massage or Energy Work or adjustment in the body.

6. Nutrients that boost include zinc, vitamins C, D, and echinacea.

7. Get good Sleep because stress hormones go down.

8. Meditate.

This is the first of posts from Kevala Retreat as we learn and adapt with the causes and conditions known as Coronavirus disease 2019.

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