Sanghas connecting, friendships deepening

Sanghas & friends in Milwaukee, Rochester, Onalaska, Eau Claire, and Viroqua gathered yesterday to practice meditation, share, listen to a talk by Santikaro, and send metta and dana towards the healing of Santikaro, the lightening of Jo Marie’s load, and the sustenance of Liberation Park as a Dhamma retreat for cultivators in the upper midwest.

Santikaro's manifestation at Tender Shoot of Joy

Reports are that the gatherings were warm, meaningful, and conducive to peace of mind and reflection. While Jo was able to join the Rochester gathering, I, unfortunately, was able to attend only in spirit and digital voice. At 7:17 am I received a call from my care team that we’d forgotten that I was due for more chemo infusions, in addition to red blood cell infusion already scheduled for the afternoon  and the usual ABX. This was rather a bummer, for me, and perhaps fitting as well.

Many thanks to all who participated directly and indirectly. I sincerely hope that the sangha connections flourish and deepen. Liberation Park is at your service.

p.s. Sanghas in Madison, Chicago, and Oak Park will meet in March.

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