Saturday morning drive

rounds of black cherry wood

Bits of fallen icicles lay outside the apartment door this morning, but life was sunny and warming up in our little valley. Horses seem to soak it up in their fields, ours and neighbors. Kitties, fluffing up for the winter, flop and roll in the grass, no longer as green as it was. On release, geese and ducks run for the creek. Munchies. Quacks and meows. Happy times around the barn. I’m glad that Jo asked me to look after the animal this morn. She’s the usual one doing most of the hard work; it’s a pleasure to help her out.

I drove to our favorite lumber yard in Hillsboro via Cnty T and Hwy 33. To get over the past week’s medical work, I’m ready to get back to work on the cabin. It’s a beautiful drive thru Wildcat Mountain SP and lots of coulees. There are a few small towns and hamlets; there are many small farms.

Though many leaves have fallen, some cling to their twigs and still display color. Dried bushy seed heads of tall grasses. Sumacs no longer scarlet but with dark russet seed heads. With fewer leaves, the trunks and branches of trees and shrubs stand out now. Visual surprises.

Al at Nuzum’s is helpful as usual. Load up with the makings of porch guardrail and indoor trim. Return home via Cnty W and Hwy 71. A pleasant way to spend the morning here in rural Wisconsin.

Our award winning local paper, The Countyline, pointed out that only 16% of American are rural residents. These has various downsides for rural life — economic, infrastructural, and communal. Yet it still has its joys and beauty, which all relatively more powerful those urbanites and suburbanites only glimpse on holidays.

Gratitude continues to flow. And we are happy to share what we can of Liberation Park’s charms.

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