Scanitis: after successful completion of chemotherapy, as the next scan approaches, worry, anxiety, and apprehension that a tumor may be coming back or growing.

Jo and I are experiencing scanitis in the run up to Monday’s scan & checkup at Mayo (the second post-chemo). This has been going on for a week or so, with every little twitch or burp in my lower gut raising questions. It happened a bit last time, before the July scan, too. Has my compromised immune system been able to cope with the inevitable mutant cells? Is this a change in my bowels or stools like “back then”? What if …?

Anxiety is not something I knew very well until my cancer education. It started showing up towards the end of treatment after the heavy lifting was over and things were looking good. What if …? After all we’ve been through! And it comes again as scanitis.

During the day, physical activity helps settle it or at least keep it at bay. Some nights, it wakes me up. Quality rest is important for me now, is this anxiousness going to bring on a tumor? Slow, relaxed breathing softens the squirminess in the gut and chest until I fall asleep again.

Curious about Monday.

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