Siam situation showing some promise (Dec 9th)

From where I watch (via TV & Internet) the situation in Bangkok seems to be easing somewhat and in fairly responsible, non-violent ways. Still, it is too early to draw conclusions. (Stay posted through the Bangok Post, better than USA-biased NY Times.)

PM Yingluck’s dissolution of parliament continues a show of restraint on the Thaksin side (tho perhaps mainly based on calculations of winning the upcoming elections). Unlike the Democrats and other “traditional elites” 3 years ago, state violence was not unleashed on protesters and the protesters appear to behave pretty well. Khun Abhisit, Democrat leader & PM during 2010 violence, responded to the dissolution in a conciliatory manner. These are good omens.

Nevertheless, much jockeying for power remains. Will the people’s role — the full spectrum of people’s, including rural poor & disenfranchised — increase? Or will the two elite factions continue to dominate the wrestling mat, with alternating colors of protesters hitting the streets for years to come?

I remain more or less neutral, over all, and skeptical. While I welcome a reduction of Thaksin’s role, I’d also like to see justice served regarding the 2010 killings.

I’d love to see a pledge from Thaksin & Yingluck on one side and Abhisit & Sutep on the other to resign from politics completely, truly, and for the rest of their lives. And there are plenty of old dinosaur politicians who ought to retire as well. All are tainted by corruption & violence. Then, maybe, some form of truth & reconciliation process could begin. I call on Abhisit to challenge Thaksin to full, genuine, and lifelong retirement.

Of course, I’m just a foreigner observer-friend with limited understanding & wisdom. May the truly wise & benevolent guide the unfolding process of the next days, weeks, and months. Some friends are working on the Dhammic angle.

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