Siam sojourn – Returned

I was able to get on the flight to Hong Kong Monday evening (Dec 1st), tho it was rather crowded and chaotic at Utapao airport. Still, not bad considering what the authorities and airlines had to work with. While a bit push and shove, people were getting on planes and I didn’t see tempers flaring. Despite the uncertainties, there’s something to be said for Thai hospitality and muddling through. That I had a flight was largely due to the hospitality of Khun Vichien and the generosity of Thai Enneagram students.

Once in Hong Kong, I had to spend the night at the airport, which was comfortable enough. Had a good bowl of noodles and bought a novel. Tuesday morning, I organized further flights and caught up on email. One coffee shop offered free internet access (wish we had that in US airports). Flew out in the afternoon. It was a bumpy flight, but arrived on time. Connections in San Francisco went very smoothly, so I caught an earlier flight than scheduled and arrived in La Crosse at 8 pm (still Tuesday) and was home at 9 pm.

Have spent the days since resting up, shoveling snow, and visiting the land and horses of LP.

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