Siam sojourn – Saturday

Uncertainty continues here … waiting, posturing, gamesmanship … nobody knows how things will play out. So many of the opinions are self-serving.

The PM removed┬áHead of Police for not carrying out “request” to clear airports and replaced him with an old colleague of Thaksin. This smacks of what the govt did back in October when police were heavy-handed and 2 people died. Still, police haven’t moved to clear the airports. The new Head may not be able to satisfy the PM either, tho for other reasons.

Govt MPs & supporters continue to threaten “red shirt” retaliation if there is a coup. Red Shirts also threaten to remove PAD if they don’t leave airport. Note that many of the PAD protestors are women and elderly, ordinary people who no longer tolerate the govt & Thaksinism. Red Shirts have shown more propensity for violence and cowardice.

Thai airlines is starting to provide service to Hong Kong to help stranded travellers. Once there, I can catch on-going Cathay Pacific flts to San Fran & home. That could be Monday, but hard to get details just yet.

Tho I’m somewhat sympathetic of the protestors — their main cause is necessary — I don’t plan to participate in their tactics. The govt is the bigger problem, esp’ly as they & Thaksin behind them are showing signs of refusal to negotiate or compromise. Ultimately, they are to blame for the stalemate & confusion. Anyway, whatever I may think, this isn’t my place to get involved. So I will stay out of trouble.

There are still good chances of non-violent resolution. I hope the govt yakes advantage of them. If they follow Thaksin’s orders the results are likely to be full of sorrow.

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