Siam struggles

If you’re still interested in the Siam situation, here’s a few links:

The Nation’s Breaking News has a running tally of what’s been cooking (please scroll down for earlier stuff). This will carry over into next week, if not longer.

Airport is open and functioning pretty well, better than expected. Seems the PAD didn’t do damage the place as much as the govt alleged.

PAD casualties, largely from goons who never showed their faces.

Running account of attempts to form new govt. Now seems the Democrats, the more principled party, for what it’s worth, are pulling it off. In my opinion, the Democrats offer some hope of more honest govt, but not much chance of the creativity needed to move past the current impasses. Still, better than letting the Thaksinites rule the roost.

The Economist has its opinions on the situation. Worth a read but I disagree with some key details (will comment if I have time).

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