Snow storm heralds winter

Forecasts for the storm that started Wednesday night predicted 10-14 inches of snow in our area, along with strong winds on Thursday. So Jo & I planned to hunker down for Thursday, enjoy the warmth of the cottage, have a quiet day, and dig out Friday morning. To our disappointment, the heavy snows didn’t come (turns out they landed elsewhere, such as down around Madison), though it was beautiful nonetheless, and much less work. Still, trudging through 6 inches of snow in heavy boots slows one down, especially when the wind was gusting in the late afternoon. Barn cats stayed in shelter, ducks remained in coop, and the horses don’t mind snow & cold at all. Tents flies were cleared before accumulation weighed them down dangerously.

It was a good day for reading. We discussed suttas from the Salayatana-vagga (Book on Sense Bases, SN 35.90-94, CDB 1170ff; Sutta 93 is online). These point to an important area of practice and investigation. We’ve both been fascinated by the book 1491, which summarizes scholarship that undermines many assumptions about what was going on in the Americas before Columbus began the flow of Europeans. Turns out that a long history of Euro-centric racial and cultural biases have distorted the evidence, especially when manipulated by non-scientists. As new evidence is examined with less prejudiced minds, such scholarship will help overcome racism towards the original peoples of the Western Hemisphere and may guide us in living more realistically and constructively within our ecosystems.

Some images from Thursday (click thumbnails for full size image):

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