Springtime brings ducklings

Upon arrival from PO

Day One

Unlike last year, we have a safe and snug duck house for the newly arrived ducklings. They hatched on Monday and were fetched from our local post office at 8:30 am on Wednesday. As it was a chilly day, we got them home quickly and they had no trouble finding the warmth of the heat lamp (red glow in picture).

Day Two

By Thursday, they were active eating, drinking, and cheeping.

As none of the older ducks or geese showed any motherly or auntly interest in the new kids, they have the coop to themselves for a while, at least until weather warms up consistently. Anyway, the adult flock prefers living outside in the pen to being cooped up.

Santi’s health and R&R is still doing fine. The ducklings bring cute, fuzzy cheer to both of us.


p.s. Speaking of eating, a friend sent links to a NY Times article Is Sugar Toxic? that explains some of my suspicions about sugar, including a possible role in some cancers. You might want to check it out along with a YouTube lecture — Sugar: The Bitter Truth — that explains more details and background science. I recommend them both for the sake of personal, social, and ecological health.

Of course, don’t believe everything you read or hear on the internet. Consider wisely.

Be healthy, be free.

Cheep, cheep …

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