mullein thriving

As with much of the Midwest, we are experiencing hot, dry weather. “Moderate drought” will grow much worse if rain doesn’t come soon. We are praying for it.

Liberation Park proper is doing OK, except for pasture along Kendall Avenue. For local farmers, the situation is much more scary. They can’t water their fields the way we can water our garden. The corn is endangered, as is the hay crop. Without these, the farmers can’t feed their cows through the winter. The same sad story is playing out over half of the country; yet some areas have had flooding. While these weather extremes don’t prove climate change, they are part of the recorded changes over time that show the climate is indeed changing (despite the propaganda of greedy oil companies and science illiterate politicians).

bergamot blooming with rock

Farmers, neighbors, and ourselves keep on keeping on. After a blistering stretch last week, this past week has been pleasant. Jo has been able to story up hay for the winter; this year with some help from me (one of the benefits of healing). Hauling hay, looking after ducks & horses, watering the garden, harvesting a few veggies, and carpentry are some of the things making up a full day (today), along with hospice work and teaching, Dhamma study, and meditation.

I’ve been reading two wonderful books: The Color of Nature:Color, Identity, and the Natural World (contains essays by colleagues from the Center for Whole Communities) and Spider Woman’s Granddaughters (stories by American Indian women).

amaranth's dynamic coloring

The mullein is magnificent these days (see images) and the bergamot has been abundant, adding and gorgeous violet to fields & hillsides along with the chicory. Even when times are rough, there is beauty around & inside us. As there is roughness whenever things appear beautiful.

A couple weeks ago, we attended a powerful talk by Joanna Macy. May we all, like her, participate in the “Great Turning,” giving up the delusions of “Business as Usual” and freeing ourselves of the behaviors that contribute to the “Great Unraveling.” (See her new book, Active Hope, for further explanations.)

Many blessings to all the peoples: rooted, two-legged, four-legged, many-legged, winged, and all.

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