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Our friends at Tender Shoot of Joy in Milwaukee sent out this email yesterday. It beautifully captures part of our story.

Dear Friends:

Nursed by Flopsy

The Sangha experienced so many blessings in 2010, one of the deepest being our connection to Santikaro and Liberation Park. The teachings have been rich and the fellowship deepening, with Santi visiting Milwaukee, and the Sangha visiting Liberation Park. And now Santikaro is faced with a difficult personal journey, and the Sangha is being called to bear witness and provide support in what ever way we can.

Santikaro recently has been diagnosed with a lymphoma of some kind. The exact nature of the mass and illness will be known later this week after he spends some time at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He is in good spirits, and has begun blogging about his experience. Check it out when you have time. The first entry related to the situation is December 9th. Our first step as a Sangha has been and continues to be to offer Metta practice for Santi and Jo Marie. We invite you to do that with others in the cottage and on your own during your regular practice. The next step is to offer Dana in the form of financial support, then whatever else may be needed as things unfold.

As some of you already know, Santikaro earns his livelihood through teaching the Dharma on a Dana basis. With his teaching schedule curtailed for a while, Dana in the form of financial donations to Liberation Park would be most helpful and welcome. We hope that the first fundraiser for LP will take place at the New Year’s Day Celebration of Peace gathering here at TSOJ. We hope you will be able to make a tax-deductible donation at this time. Any amount is welcome.

To stay abreast of the situation, visit Santi’s blog regularly, and come to the Cottage to sit with friends on the path, to offer Metta, to be in solidarity, and to continue to cultivate the path of awakening for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Rodney and Bethany

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