Syam 2012: Thai Enneagram Association November 24-25

tea_25nov55_04After a few days of rest and quiet visits, the first public event of the trip was hosted by the Thai Enneagram Association on Saturday November 24th.

In the morning, we reviewed “Enneagram in Siam: Where We’ve Been.” Emphasizing personal experiences and learning, we heard from around the circle how lives have been enriched by the fifteen years of Enneagram study I helped launch.

In the afternoon, we explored “Enneagram in Siam: Where We Are Going.” This was a more of a brainstorming session that produced an interesting list of possibilities for our network and the leadership of the Association to consider.

On Sunday the 25th tea_25nov55_01morning, I gave a talk on “Dhammic and Enneagram Lessons from Cancer Treatment and Recovery.” While I’ve given a number of talks on the Dhammic lessons and applications, this was my first opportunity to share what I learned about my One personality and the role it played in illness and treatment. As often happens for me, I figure some of these things out as I speak, so I’m grateful for the opportunity. Further, as most in the room have family and friends, or themselves, dealing with cancer and other serious illnesses, this was a small contribution to the work friends such as Phra Paisal Visalo are doing with people challenged by disease, dying, and death.

On Sunday afternoon, twenty of us gathered for a delicious organic meal at Health ME, hosted by Khru Noi, one of our Enneagram friends. Following the meal, the mix of old-time Enneagram students and active newcomers, including many who are leading workshops and study groups, shared about the activities in which they are involved. This deepened the view of diversity within our Enneagram network. We then carried on the brainstorming from Saturday afternoon and talked about what’s next for the TEA.

More images can be found on the TEA’s Facebook page.


Sevens brainstorming (with Fives & Ones in background)


at the Sunday morning talk


T-shirt art from a Six


Ning, Nao, Amnat, & Moo Sunday evening

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