The Big DuDu

DuDu is a pun. Doo-doo, caca, shit … it is hitting the fan. Big time.

The prefix du-, according to the standard Pali dictionary, implies ‘perverseness, difficulty, badness’ and is ultimately identical with a second sense meaning ‘asunder, apart, away from, opposite, wrong.’ To that, Thai disctionaries add ‘ugly, hateful, worthless.’ Add all that together and square it: serious nastiness, ugly difficulty, painful wrongness, worthless suffering.

Look around. That’s what we are in Big DuDu and it’s piling higher and deeper.

In the words of a Dylan song, ‘everything is broken.’ That pretty well sums up the meaning of loka, world. The nature of worlds is to break, sunder, fall apart, disintegrate. There’s no intention involved, falling apart is just what worlds do. This world, the next world, supernatural worlds, heavens & hells, afterlives — they all crumble. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

That’s the Big DuDu of always. People have been struggling with it since they could think and ask questions. There are ways to navigate it. To be in it but not of it. To live it without suffering.

And there is the Big DuDu of Now. Something special. Never seen before, at least not since the Big Bang. We made it ourselves. We created it both in our typical mindlessness and through all our perverse intentions. No matter how we dress them up in free market ideology, liberal palaver, or personal rights, if the basic urge is selfish and self-centered it is perverse. We worship that. So we are in the Big DuDu and the Big DuDu is in us. Squared. Cubed. Nasty.

Whatever happened to seeking the Kingdom of God? Too many of us confused it with ego stuff and thereby killed God. Same happens with the false Dhamma of feeling good and personally growing with merely a ritualistic nod at the immense suffering of the poor & powerless, of ecosystems, of disappearing species, of decency and humanity.

Time to awaken real compassion. Not me, not you … We All! All beings!

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