The cabin is becoming home

shadows & tracks after first real snowTho we don’t want to take possession or claim ownership, the “caretakers’ cabin” is becoming home, gradually, painstakingly. We’ve been working, arranging, and moving in some necessities. In reverse osmosis, or something, the apartment is becoming “the office.”

Santi has finished — finally — the trim work in bathroom and utility room. Jo can now finish sealing their walls and ceilings. Santi moves on to the kitchen. This work will continue, yet enough is done to allow living around the work being done.

Jo has figured out how to arrange things so that we can be comfortable in the front room, whether for the night or for meditating and reading during the day. And the kitchen is functional enough to make breakfast and lunch there. Santi’s chaos — tools, wood, and sawdust everywhere — has been tidied up and contained, for now 😉

putting in the bathroom door

One consequence of this shift is that we are increasingly away from the computers, as we leave them in the office. Hooray! less time in internet limbo. We’ve been struggling with this boundary for some time and moving to the cabin is a great boon, though it leads to being somewhat slower and more focused with emails, blog posts, and the like. To be honest, our aspiration is to communicate with people directly at LP as much as possible, and that is increasingly possible. After all, it’s why we are nurturing LP along its unfolding. But we still use phones and email for those who can’t yet visit.

Another is that there’s a cozy space to host friends and students even in nasty winter weather. Whether for Dhamma conversation, study, meditation, or camaraderie, we can share tea, snacks, and good wood heat.

It’s delightful to wake up to a sunny, frigid morning, have some tea, then go down to the barn without having to burn gas. The horses and cats get fed earlier and we are more in touch with the land. And warmth is a relatively quick walk up the hill whenever toes or fingers become overly numb.

After the walls in the bathroom are protected, we can hook up the tub-shower and start installing the sink. A functional bathroom is not far away.

Not sure when the cats will move in, but Flopsy has been visiting some nights. She likes the wood stove, too.

visiting with the Smyths

This big do-it-ourselves projects has required much patience and fortitude. Thanks again to all who lent a hand, offered skills, and donated. Can’t say when it will be finished ultimately, so I’ll quote Ajahn Buddhadasa when he asked about a project at Suan Mokkh being finished: “It’s finished every day.”

Today, may you “finish” something that brings you satisfaction and meaning.

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