Saturday began pleasantly with checking the horses, surveying where we’ll put new fencing, and setting up for battening the barn boards (siding). Steve drove over from the cranberry fields (past Tomah) to help. By late morning, tho, rain began lightly and gradually built up into a deluge. By the time Steve got back with gas for the generator, the downpour was so thick it was hard to see out the windshield. So we called it a day.

With occasional let ups, the rain continued the rest of the day, overnight, and for good chucks of Sunday. So instead of a work weekend we had a rest weekend, which wasn’t a bad idea for muscles still sore from carrying tipi poles on Thursday.

Monday looks pretty clear so far, so I’ll get to the battens today. Except for Jera’s runny nose, the horse survived, too.

Local farmers have probably taken a beating yet again. The wet spring has delayed planting. Hopefully there won’t be many flooded fields. It’s probably worse further south of us. It’s somewhat safer, I think, at the top of the watershed.

Still planning a work weekend the 14th & 15th.

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