Time still flies … some times

It’s been a while since the last post just before a trip to Washington that included a retreat at Cloud Mountain. The retreat was a delight, at least for me. It was good to see old friends, enjoy the commodious setting, explore Dhamma, and have many long sits. As part of the morning talks, I explored some key virtues of the heart that were helpful during the cancer & chemo process, as well as on-going practice. I hope to publish these in the weeks ahead at

The first is online as Mindfulness & Gratitude (37 mins; 8.6 mb).

coziness in the front room

Other happy news is that we’ve been moving into the cottage. Though work continues inside, we’ve set up the front room as a cozy space with couch, bed, and altar. It has good light, stays warm, and is suitable for meditation, reading, and rest.

Work on the bathroom and kitchen carries on between teaching trips to Eau Claire, Rochester, and Milwaukee.


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