Tracks …

ridge_1286 With Jo Marie in Tennessee, it’s a quiet, solitary Christmas day at LP, just me and the cats & horses … and trees & birds & grasses & rocks & beetles & sun & clouds & creek …

A late afternoon walk around the valley revealed lots of tracks in the diminishing snow. Deer, turkey, kitty, & muckboots most prominent. Bunny, too, some sort of canine, and little bitty creatures. Tracks in the melting snow, fading, though falling temperatures will freeze them as they are until mid-morning tomorrow.

tracks_1299As I continue to ponder the state of our biosphere and species with sadness and hope, and my own role/duty regarding them, I wonder about the tracks I leave. More than muckboot prints? Dhamma tracks, I pray.

tracks_1296A certain humility no longer expects me to change the big things, to leave much behind. Nobody, it seems, really understands everything that’s going on, though many pretend & leave behind messes. We are allowed to understand our small parts and for them we are responsible. We must trust in others to do their parts. Let us live our Dhamma/Duty cleanly

I just ask to continue exploring Dhamma, live well with Jo Marie, do some creative teaching, translate more of Tan Ajahn’s work, and foster Dhamma refuge here in this valley and among friends around the world. Small day to day things. Dhamma tracks.

As they say in AA, the “next right thing.” Finding the humility and joy to do just that over and over. Tracks of Emptiness.

Merry Christmas.


Duey, patrol buddy


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