Waterfalls midst cerrado (dry lands of Minas Gerais)


The day of my arrival, to help me get over more than 36 hours in airports and on planes between La Crosse and Belo Horizonte, Ricardo & friends took me to the Serro do Cipo, an area of Minas Gerais with many waterfalls.

In the morning we visited a few waterfalls. The blue house was on the way to a rather spectacular pair.

like fingers reaching for ...

The countryside of this area, and around the retreat center is dry with sparse vegetation, not at all like the jungles some of us imagine.

In river valleys and around streams the vegetation explodes. The contrast between the beauty of the dry and the beauty of the wet is fascinating.

swimming is good

The swimming was delightful at the morning’s big waterfall. Birds seemed to agree as some built nests of wet grasses and moss on the cliff behind the water. The falling water provided massages.

view from the path of return

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