What would the Buddha do about our Big mess?

David Loy has another thought-practice provoking essay on Huffington Post.

We are in the Big DuDu now; David summarizes some of the main reasons. How would the Buddha respond to this dilemma? Well, you won’t find the answer in any of the old Dhamma books. Their authors didn’t have to deal with anything like this, at least not on this scale, even in their wildest dreams and visions. And you won’t find it in the current crop of popular Buddhist books as they’re as much about finding comfort for our egoistic selves as outgrowing our self-centeredness so that we can seriously participate in digging humanity out of the big pile of karmic doo-doo that we continue to heap onto ourselves (albeit with certain rich and powerful players doing far more than their fair share). So you’ll just have to find the Buddha within the psyche-body that is reading this.

David’s essay provides some truth-pokes that might aid you in finding the Living Buddha in ‘the you that isn’t really you.’ The planet is begging us all to get our acts together and this is a crucial piece, even if incomplete.

A reminder: In this ‘everything is broken’ world waking up may not always feel good. The Buddha never promised good feelings. Also, sobriety is better than wasting our lives, which feels even worse, like a monster hangover.

Please check out David’s essay: What would the Buddha Do?

and for more on the Big DuDu
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