Working, eating, enjoying

front window

We picked up wood for trimming the windows and corners of the cabin yesterday. I began trimming some of the front windows today. A cool, cloudy day — with a spot or two of rain — made working outside pleasant, much more pleasant than the chainsawing of the last couple days.

Ate an interesting lunch of carrots from local farmer, organic pear from Chile, almost ripe apple from tree next to cabin, butternuts from down by the barn, and oolong tea from China. The butternuts are a special treat. I harvested them two falls ago and dried them in oven but have had trouble cracking them open. Our creative young genius Carlo applied his extensive ingenuity and figured out the skillful use of hammer. We now can feast on the fruits of that almost two years ago harvest.

Looking out from the door of the shed between cracking open the nuts and sipping tea the view remains a delight. I am grateful for these healthy pleasures to go along with the healthy aches & pains of a body that’s done a lot of lifting & ladder climbing recently.

poultry palace

Jo Marie has been finishing the poultry barn. Looking quite pretty.

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