Yes, Black Lives Matter!

Of course All Lives Matter, and not just human lives. Still, we must stress, Black Lives Matter!

Those who have a problem with this suffer from black and white thinking. Sorry if you object to that assertion, but don’t get angry with me. Instead, please examine your own thinking more deeply. You will find it is a suffering, a violence, in your own minds, and towards truth and humanity. We must heal this disease. For all our sakes.

Consider this. “Educate Girls.” Throughout the world the single most useful form of development, according to the World Bank and others, is to educate girls. This is the most cost effective way to foster development and has wide-ranging benefits for building healthier societies around the world. So why don’t the people who object to “Black Lives Matter” object to “Educate Girls”? Because it doesn’t mean don’t educate boys. Asserting “educate everyone” doesn’t focus where we need to. We need to shift enough resources into educating girls, so that’s what we must say.

The same holds with Black Lives Matter. Doesn’t mean white, brown, and pink lives don’t matter. They matter too. The problem is that many behaviors, especially systemic, treat too many black lives, and brown lives, and, in much of the world, girl lives, as if they don’t matter or matter less. When those behaviors — individual and systemic — change sufficiently, we can proclaim All Lives Matter honestly. Until then, we must insist “Black Lives Matter!”

It’s really very simple. So let’s stop attacking the truth messengers and change behaviors until all lives are truly treated with equal dignity, respect, care, and love.

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