Multi-Purpose Cabin 2010

finishing as much as possible this summer

We got a lot done last Fall and hope to make the cabin inhabitable by this Fall. While funding isn't enough to do everything we want, we will be able to finish outside details and do a great deal of the inside (insulation, wiring, walls, & floors), enough to move in.

Cabin progress summer 2009 (photos) & more images in regular Blog entries (2009 and continuing).

Thank You Dharma Zephyr Sangha!

Rough outline of work for 2010: spring, summer & fall

install doors; some exterior work
interior: install stove, insulation
battens, soffits, & other exterior details
front & back stairways
electrical wiring
water to utilities building & external hydrants
ceilings & floors
cabinets & shelves
other interior details
kitchen appliances & cupboards
updated schedule of projects


septic field for the property (pending funds = $10,000)
external plumbing to cabin & internal plumbing (depends on septic)
solar water heater

All of the above depend on causes & conditions: weather, help from friends, our good health, funding, etc. We will do what we can do. If things go as we hope, we'll be waking up in the cabin many mornings this coming winter.

Work completed in 2009

June-July foundation for kitchen & bathroom; decking
September wall & roof framing
October wall & roof sheathing; metal roof; windows;
November siding

To do our part in response to the likelihood of catastrophic climate change, we will make this building fairly efficient & will not load it with energy draining devices. Its design includes a couple passive solar ideas. As soon as we can afford to do so, we will install solar panels for electricity & solar collectors for water heating. While the expense of doing these sooner than later will involve putting off other things, we consider energy responsibility a priority. And that will involve lobbying our local electricity co-op.

At the end of 2008, we realized that the pace of work & funding required a modification of our plans regarding the future kitchen & utility building. As that facility will be happening slower than we hoped, we decided to include some cooking & bathing facilities in the cabin. This expansion of the cabin plans required adding to the foundation & flooring that was completed in 2008. That foundation extension was completed by the summer of 2009, after which we erected the walls and finally the roof.

Images from the 1st Year: Posts & Beams
2009 Images: Summer progress