Summer 2010: making the cabin inhabitable

we will be working on the cabin these dates

The interior of the multipurpose cabin is our priority in 2010! The exterior work is wrapping up nicely, although staining will be a big job.

You, alone or with a friend, are welcome to join us any time we are out working on the cabin and land (see work schedule). If you have some free time & would like to come out, please RSVP by email or phone so we can plan accordingly.

Do you have specific skills to offer? Are there projects you're interested in working on? Let us know so we can match your skills to the projects at hand.

Scheduled Work Weekends:

July 31-Aug 1, September 4-5, and October 9-10 (details)

July projects

1st thru 15th: soffits

20th thru 23rd: prep for insulation

27th thru end of month: exterior trim, battens on outside boards

August projects

1st thru 8th: drainage tiles, wood storage along north walls

17th thru 31st: interior insulation & paneling, staining exterior

crawl space vapor barrier,

helping electrician, installing wood stove

September projects

plumbing, finishing the above, & we shall see


interior carpentry: trim, shelving, & whatever is possible


Causes and conditions just might work out so that we can begin to inhabit this cabin in the fall or early winter.

All dates depend on weather and other factors. (The work to be done is also unpredictable.) Please email or phone (608-780-0481) for details & confirmation.

Please note that accommodations & facilities are limited. We have two tent cabins, a tipi, an outhouse, running water (without heater), and simple cooking facilities. If roughing it doesn't appeal, there are many local lodging options, including nearby B&Bs and a friend's cabin. (More on staying at LP.)

Please RSVP in advance: email or phone (608-780-0481).