Development Plans

for our new Wisconsin home

On August 16th 2006, we finalized the purchase of 45 acres outside Norwalk, Wisconsin. After many years of looking forward to a wooded, rural residence for study-practice and saving donations from around the world, Liberation Park has taken a big new step. This undeveloped property is quite beautiful with woods, stream, fields, and critters (see images). In June 2007, we purchased adjoining 25 acres that fill out our little valley.

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Pending funds and other support, we will take our time to plan carefully, live simply, nurture the environment, and build appropriately.

Current plans for this year:


Future years

Past years

Fall 2006

Spring, Summer, & Fall 2007

  • build first cabin (multi-purpose) [foundation completed, images of progress]
  • build two platforms & frames for tent cabins [completed]
  • build outhouse for composting toilet [completed]
  • plant inventory & ecological assessments [begun, on-going]
  • sink well [completed September]
  • install pump & basic plumbing [completed September]
  • permanent electrical hookup [completed September]
  • build barn for horse housing this winter [roughly completed November]





After a year's delay due to illness, we managed these projects:

  • Caretakers cottage: Jo Marie & Santikaro moved in early in the year and completed most of the inside work. More details here.
  • Wood shed to keep cottage's wood supply dry
  • Further driveway improvements

As above, all of these depend on support from benefactors: funds, materials, skills, labor. If you would like to sponsor or help with any of the above, please email