Sponsoring meditation cabins & hermitages

the 3rd requisite: shelter for practice-study

We invite Sanghas that are partnering with us, as well as individuals, to support small cabins & hermitages. These will then be available for Sangha members and others to practice & study at Liberation Park, whatever the season and weather.

We envision both 3-season cabins without heating and 4-season hermitages with heating. The latter may be duplexes that share a common heat source and composting toilet.

Sponsorship will entail funding, labor for building, and on-going help with maintenance. (We have learned that there is already plenty to keep us busy, so we will need help to maintain additional structures.)

Design, siting, and construction will proceed within the vision and principles of LP, with input from sponsors. The purpose is to support low-cost practice and study for serious cultivators of the way (including the sponsors ourselves).

Details will be worked out when a Sangha or group is ready to sponsor the first cabin or hermitage.